As you may or may not know, competitive seasons can be very expensive. For this reason we have formed the fLipSpot Competitive Club (FCC). This parent operated group supports the competitive teams at fLipSpot Gym. The goal of the FCC is to strengthen the organization, coordinate team support at each level, promote team spirit and enhance fund raising capabilities. Our joint efforts will yield much greater results than individual efforts. (The more fundraising we can do as a group the less you will have to pay out of pocket.)

Allison Bashford | Secretary
Documentation, Communications

Bryan Mutchler | President
Primary interface to fLipSpot Gymnastics

Laura Land | Treasurer
Finances, Membership Payments

Our Board

Claire Curtis | Vice President
Oversees Fundraising Activities

Pack a healthy snack and colorless drink in the backpack. Preferably something without a core or peel to throw away (or could use a ziploc baggie until it can be thrown away). Some families bring snacks for themselves too if you don't want to buy from the concessions. 
Wear your “i defy gravity” fLipShirt! They go on over the uniform and under the warmups. It should be worn while accepting awards after the competition. This is part of the uniform. 

No nail polish on hands or feet. 
Stud earrings ONLY, no other jewelry. 
Collette has requested that girls wear hair in a bun. Using the "doughnut" is the easiest way to secure their hair. Glitter hair spray is OK. 
A tiny bit of make-up is OK. 
 Skin colored underwear.  

Black socks - find socks that don’t have a logo that shows with the stirrup pants. It’s tough, but they are out there. Some people bring an extra pair. Since the boys take parts of their uniform on/off for the events, there is a lot to keep track at their age. 
Underwear that doesn’t show through their shorts - no boxers. 

Plan to arrive early - in time for the start of open stretch/warm-up period. Always plan extra time for parking, admissions, athlete registration, finding the gym and your coaches, and lastly a good seat with other FCC families. If you get there early enough, try to save some seats for other families. 
Admission fees are charged for spectators at most meets. The fee varies, but is typically around $10/person (kids/seniors usually cheaper). Most only accept cash. (Meet entry fees for the athlete are paid in advance by the FCC through your monthly dues.) 
Most parents take pictures or videos of their athlete and teammates. Flash photography is not allowed during the competition. Often you can't get very close to the action. A DSLR camera along with a monopod or tripod is helpful to get great shots. 
Website members can upload pictures and videos directly to the Albums page. These pictures/videos may be used for the FCC board at the gym, the website and/or for the year-end gift for the coaches. 
Remember to track event scores. Either write down the scores or use an app on your phone. It is acceptable and appropriate to track your athlete’s teammate’s scores too.  
Some meets have the awards area in a different location. If you want to take pictures, you may want to head to the awards area quickly. 
Some venues have bench seating (Athlete Warrior at MCC is one). Since you will be there for many hours, a seat with a back is helpful to bring, or even padded seat. 
Dress in layers (wearing fLipSpot attire if you have any). ?If you attend the Athlete Warrior or Whitfield Classic, you will experience temperature changes. There may be others too. 
Check the website before the meet! The week before, the day before and the day of the meet to make sure there are no schedule changes. 
This rarely happens, but you don't want that stress when it does. 
Join our twitter account @fLipSpotTeam. If there is a change to the meet, a traffic jam on the route, or some available parking, parents can tweet out that information to everyone immediately. Tweet pictures during the meet or shout out a great score or effort. This helps people that aren’t at the other meets, and is very helpful to Lynne Kniess when she’s putting together the after-meet collage that she hangs up in the gym. Additionally, Craig can utilize that information for the website too. 
Relax, enjoy the meet, and cheer our team on! 

Claudia Therrien | Assistant Treasurer
Meet Rosters, Assist Treasurer

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